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Dear Potential Client


I appreciate the opportunity that you have given us to empower your
business through our multi-media advertising vehicles. We are committed
to making your experience with WLLL 930 AM blessed and beneficial.

Our owner Dr. Fletcher Hubbard has worked very hard for many years
to provide opportunities for small businesses, churches and corporations
to have a profitable minority audience in Central, VA. The continuity of
our business is connected to the veteran training for maximum potential for
our clients and listeners. You are important to us. More than just your business,
I want to develop a loyal relationship with you. I believe longevity is the
key to success.

Please take time and thought to consider the opportunities that have
been submitted to you. Make the decision to invest in your success
with WLLL 930 AM. I can assure you that your time with us will not be
wasted, we will give you what you pay for.

I will personally work to make sure that your commercial and shows
are at a premium quality of presentation and rotation. As a marketing
executive and a business owner myself, I know how important
the use of each dollar means to you. I promise you results for your

Feel free to call me at 434-385-9555 or email Wlllam930@aol.com
comments or concerns.


Rodney Hubbard
Sales Executive & Marketing Director

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